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2010 Food Summit Summary

Over 40 folks representing organizations, neighborhoods and interests in food and community attended the first No More Empty Pots Food Summit on Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010. There was a lot of networking and sharing. Everyone could feel the passion for the work in the sessions.

Here is the big learning for the day: limit Saturday sessions to four hours. No matter how much passion, eight hours is too long. So we are planning the follow-up meeting for two hours (we can work longer if needed) on either March 20 or March 27.  Complete the poll at the end of this post. Check email, Facebook, Twitter and this blog for meeting details once confirmed.

Following are highlights of the summit. 

Evaluation Highlights and Participant Feedback:

  • For smaller groups, consider running summit from 10AM to 2PM instead of 8AM to 4PM.
  • Participants want to stay connected.
  • Engage youth in work groups.
  • Participants are ready to work.
  • Participants want open, honest, and collaborative communication and ACTION!
  • Most want to stay connected via email and Facebook.
  • There is most interest in determining what to do with the abundance of the harvest.
  • Most participants chose satisfied or very satisfied with the sessions (93% or more). There were very few that expressed disappointment (less than 7%).
  • Have a follow-up meeting. Keep it short and focused. Organize around interests and feedback.

Suggested Next Steps:

  • Have participants self-organize into specific groups to continue working together.
    • Group 1: Community Nutrition Education & Cooking Classes
    • Group 2: Getting fresh, nutritious food to the people who need it quickly, go beyond food banks and food pantries (distribution of fresh food)
    • Group 3: Growing Power Model & Regional Training Outreach Center application (include entire Metro Omaha/Council Bluffs area)
    • Group 4: Pilot project for commercializing small-scale and community gardening; connecting producers to individual and institutional consumers (run from March to November)
    • Group 5: Community Kitchen: food service training program, meal production service and hourly kitchen rental, entrepreneur referral to UNL program
      • Betty Deepe has a good plan for getting started and sustainability.
      • There is work in progress that could be combined to get this project going.
  • Organize follow-up meeting for March 20 or March 27 for groups to confirm work, milestones and expected outcomes.
  • Set up Facebook pages for groups and Ning (www.ning.com) sites for groups (online/social communication tools).
    • Jules agreed to help with Facebook pages (thanks!)
    • Christy agreed to help set up Ning sites (thanks!)
  • Follow-up summit: midpoint (May or June, maybe virtual check-in)
    • Midpoint check-in with groups in person: find date
    • Summit time: morning or afternoon for two hours
    • Professional moderators/facilitators for each group, if in person meeting
  • Next annual summit
    • Plan for early fall 2010 or winter 2011
    • Potential keynote speaker: Will Allen, Growing Power (www.growingpower.org) (Our request is on Growing Power’s calendar for after July 2010.)
    • Bigger conference with more planning, more marketing, more sponsors, more participants
  1. March 8, 2010 at 8:52 AM

    Thanks Nancy for putting all this together. Well done!


    • March 8, 2010 at 10:23 AM

      You are welcome. We have good volunteers! Hope this helps to keep things moving.

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