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Food Summit Connection Springs into Action

Spring has been here for a couple of weeks now.  A lot of  community food activity has sprung into full motion too. Check out the links below to read about some of the most recent happenings.

We are really excited about a new collaboration between our first No More Empty Pots Summit attendees. In one of the sessions, there was discussion about food pantries needing more fresh food and community gardeners needing a place to consistently take their excess produce.  ENCAP (Eastern Nebraska Community Action Partnership) staff members, Brenda and Lynn, were there. Minne Lusa/Miller Park  (ML/MP) Neighborhood Association members, Sharon, Amanda, Jessica, Diane and Beth were present too. 

The community gardeners got together with the food pantry folks and developed a partnership.  It is not just any ordinary partnership. For the first time, Minne Lusa/Miller Park community garden will grow food specifically to supply the food pantry at ENCAP.  When asked how did this come about? ML/MP Neighborhood Association gardener, Sharon Olson, stated, ” We just talked to them.”

Simple, right? It is simple but it shows what can happen when we just talk to each other. Share what we have to offer and share what we need. This is the beginning of a phenomenal relationship. It will bear fruitful outcomes: provide food for those who need it most (food security), improve community food distribution, helps two organizations provide services to targeted audiences, create collaborative relationship between community organizations, reduces waste, provide an opportunity for education and self-sufficiency.

 And that’s not all.  Community gardeners will share what they know too. In the next update, we will find out about the learning opportunities they will provide to residents and youth in the garden.

Some community food updates:

Metro Community College Institute of Culinary Arts Opening

Grown in North Omaha

Silos near downtown Omaha

Gifford Park Project Gets Funding

Douglas County Health Department gets grant to fight obesity

  1. Jennie Kern
    April 13, 2010 at 10:26 AM

    I am so glad to be a part of this!

    I am on “food stamps” and SSI right now. I can speak from experience about the $77 worth of foodstamps I get a month and what the food bank does and doesn’t do for us.


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