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Monthly Meeting Notes: May 2010

At-Large Coalition Meeting Facilitator: Susan Whitfield

Meeting Location: The Kaneko Library, 1111 Jones ST,  www.thekaneko.org




Welcome and Introductions: Thank you, Vic Gutman, for securing meeting space at Kaneko for the month of May!  Thank you, Nainsi Houston, for hosting us at Kaneko Library!

April 2010 Meeting Summary Notes – posted on https://nomoreemptypots.wordpress.com


I.  Growing Power Model:

USDA Listening Session: (Edgar Hicks, USDA): USDA is due to make final decision on Listening Session by June 1, 2010.

Compost (Jen Valandra, Metropolitan Community College-MCC): MCC is looking closely at Earth Tub as the compost vessel; final decision still pending.

ROTC Application Retreat (Jen Valandra): Full application available on basecamp – https://nomoreemptypots.basecamphq.com/login  for review.

The group rescheduled the ROTC Application Retreat date  from Saturday, June 5th to Friday, June 4th, MCC-Culinary Arts Building-room location TBA.  The group discussed Kay Stevens and Annette Artherton’s concerns regarding definitions and approaches used when completing ROTC application.  The group agreed to meet, discuss and decide at Retreat on June 4th.  Kay and Susan Whitfield will meet to develop a framework for discussion.  

2.  Community Kitchen: (Regina Tullos-Williams)

Congratulations to Salem’s Children Center & Family Housing Advisory Services (FHAS) for signing a short-term lease with FHAS for the kitchen space. Salem’s USDA Summer Food Program will provide about 1,700 hot meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) to children and parents.

3.  Master Operations Plan: (Susan Whitfield)

Coalition Roles & Responsibilities Matrix:  Many thanks to those who have completed and returned Coalition Roles & Responsibilities Matrix.  Please forward your completed matrix if you have not done so. If you didn’t receive a form, please contact Susan Whitfield at nomoreemptypots@gmail.com.

We updated the Coalition Contact List. If you have any further concerns contact Susan Whitfield at nomoreemptypots@gmail.com. Copies posted on Basecamp – https://nomoreemptypots.basecamphq.com/login

 4.  Basecamp Training: (Jason Valandra): NMEP has paid for full version of Basecamp program. Training will be scheduled by Jason and Susan Whitfield.  AIM Institute computer lab (10 computer & 1 presentation computer) is available for computer training only during week days.  To schedule lab, AIM is requesting notice a week in advance.  


1.  NMEP: Organization & Coalition: (Nancy Williams):  Nancy briefly shared with the group the difference between the NMEP Organization and the Coalition.  The group agreed to put together a list of supporters for NMEP by industry.  Find the lists on Basecamp – https://nomoreemptypots.basecamphq.com/login for members to update.

2.  Shared Kitchen Space: (Nancy Williams): Salem Children’s Center will be utilizing the kitchen space at Family Housing Advisory Service for the entire summer. With this demand, it will be difficult to secure space and time for  those individuals interested in cooking in a licensed commercial kitchen. The planning group is developing a list of potential alternative kitchens. If you know of any available kitchen space for small businesses, please forward to Susan Whitfield, Project Manager, nomoreemptypots@gmail.com.

3. Articles of Interest:  (Susan Whitfield): Links to Statement by the Honorable Jeff Fortenberry – April 14, 2010 and New York Times article: Push to Eat Local Food Is Hampered by Shortage were sent by email. Edgar Hicks provided a link to the article (The Wall Street Journal, Friday, May 14, 2010) : Fish Are Jumping-Off Assembly Line. Thank you, Edgar!


No More Empty Pots: NMEP provided Iowa Western Foundation with NMEP’s contact list. NMEP  did not receive funding for the AIM Institute Compassion Institute Strengthening Community Fund grant. Efforts will continue to secure additional funding.

NEXT MEETING:   Saturday, June 26, 2010, from 10-12:00 noon, Together, Inc., www.togetheromaha.org. Event link: http://nomoreemptypotsjune2010.eventbrite.com


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